The Great Circus Murder Part 6

In this new episode of Real Crime  we have Part 6 of the Great Circus Murder of ‘Honest’ John Brunen. There has been an important arrest but investigators are sill working to find two other suspects, including the woman with the auburn hair.

We also have Part 4 of the murder of Florence Allinson in rural New Jersey. Apparently, there has been a new development where Mr. Smalls is now a suspect and in custody. But Rufus Johnson is still in jail and considered guilty.

real crime with Danny Lopez

The podcast also has the first episode of the murder of a young woman in North Carolina and it is quite the mystery since there was a note left behind claiming robbers were in the house, yet some believe it was suicide.

And finally, there is the arrest of the famous burlesque dancer Candy Barr after shooting her husband with a .22 rifle. This is all true crime. Enjoy!

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